Associated Collision is here to help you every step of the way, but knowing what to do at the scene of the accident is an important part of filing a claim and, according to the Insurance Information Institute (III), it can help speed things along when you do. Here are some basic steps to take at the scene:

  • Call The Police To Report The Accident And Any Injuries.
    First, check to see if you or anyone else involved in the accident has any injuries. Call 911 if someone needs medical attention. If no one is injured, you can call the local police to report the accident. The police may send out an officer, or direct you to the station to file a report. Be sure to ask how you can get a copy of the police report (your insurance company will likely need it).
  • Exchange Information And Take Notes.
    Share insurance, contact and vehicle information with any other drivers. And then snap pictures, video and if you have cameras on-board, please make sure you save the video and note accident details and jot down the names and phone numbers of any witnesses. It can also be helpful to take notes about the accident, including details such as what occurred, road conditions and relevant details of the scene. Your notes may be helpful for your insurance provider as they investigate the accident.
  • Protect Your Car From Further Damage.
    Get your car off the road, if possible, or set up flares or reflectors so you are more visible to other drivers, the III says.
  • Call Your Insurance Agent As Soon As Possible — Regardless Of Who’s At Fault.
    It’s important to contact your insurance agent after an accident, regardless of how minor the accident may have been, says the III. If the other party or their insurance provider calls, your insurer may be at a disadvantage if they are unaware you were involved in an accident. Your agent will ask a few questions, explain what your policy covers and what deductible you’ll have to pay. Then, typically, you’ll have to submit a claim.
  • Remember You Have The Option.
    The option to have your car repairs done by experts, here at Associate Collision we take pride and joy when we repair your car and we can see your smile of approval. Please call us at 210.828.6258 or send us a message and we can make arrangements to take care of you and your car each and every step of the way.