Direct Repair Program

Direct Repair Programs (DRP) is another name for insurance company referrals.

Although insurance companies refer to direct repair programs differently, they essentially mean the same thing. DRP repair facilities are shops that have formed strategic alliances with insurers. The facility meets the insurance company’s criteria of their specific program and the facility agrees to do business in that manner. The insurance company’s purpose of DRP (Direct Repair Programs) is to streamline the claims settlement process and they work closely with a select repair facility to accomplish that. The facility agrees to provide many of the administrative duties of the insurance carrier in exchange for the referral.

All insurance companies, just like repair facilities are not the same. It is the consumer’s responsibility to determine if this program is what you want, or if this is how you want your vehicle repaired. The repair facility must explain the repair process to you, the vehicle owner. It should be understood and agreed upon on what is being repaired vs. what is being replaced, and what type parts are being utilized in the repair process prior to the vehicle owner authorizing the facility to proceed with the vehicle repairs. It is the consumer’s responsibility and right to choose the repair facility of their choice and authorize the repairs based on a thorough and agreed upon damage evaluation. DRP’s (Direct Repair Programs) are an optional program of the insurance carrier. The consumer is not required or obligated to use a DRP repair facility.

The following is a list of Associated Collision Center, Inc. Direct Repair Programs:



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