Who is Who in a Car Repair Shop

Who is Who in a Car Repair Shop

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When your car needs repairs, the thought of going into a car repair shop can be daunting. You may not know what’s wrong with the car or what needs to be done – and you may not even know what type of mechanic you need.

In this blog, we’re taking the stress out of this process by explaining whom you can expect to find in a repair shop and the kind of work they may do on your car.

General Automotive Mechanic

This is the type of mechanic you’re most likely to encounter – they do general repairs and replacements on a vehicle. They diagnose mechanical problems and repair them as needed. If you are bringing in your vehicle for a check-up or routine maintenance, this is the type of mechanic you likely need. They’re kind of like the GP for your car.

Auto Body Mechanic

These are the mechanics you’ll often encounter after an accident. They can handle everything from minor paint job touch-ups to complete structural replacements in a car after an accident. These mechanics receive specialized training to keep up with all the current car technologies, and they have a special certification.

Brake and Transmission Technician

This type of mechanic is exactly what it sounds like – they specialize in brake and transmission issues. While a general mechanic will also be versed in these areas, a brake and transmission technician can correct more complex issues and has the training to use special alignment equipment. If a general mechanic notices something that seems off with your brakes or transmission, they will often hand your car over to this type of specialist within the shop.

Service Technicians

Service technicians can diagnose and check mechanical and electrical components within a vehicle. When they look at a car, they’ll do things such as check the oil and fluid levels, or work to find causes of operational issues. Rather than looking at specific mechanical components, they tend to look at the general systems that work together in a vehicle to identify any problems or issues.

Auto Glass Mechanics

Fixing or replacing the glass on a vehicle can be tricky. Some auto glass mechanics have been specially trained in working with auto glass. They’ll know how to identify if cracks or dents can be repaired, or if the entire piece of glass needs replacing. These mechanics are also trained in weatherproofing glass, installation and more.

Tire Mechanics

General mechanics will be trained in basic tire care, but tire mechanics have even more training to spot complex issues and optimize tire usage and wear. They can identify tire issues, do tire rotations, and complete tire replacements. They’ll also inspect tires for any abnormalities and to ensure proper inflation.

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